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Originally Posted by Blade View Post
The Anglo-Saxons didn't exist under the Romans, the Anglo-Saxon arrival coincided with the Romans leaving. Then we pushed the snivelling Celts into Wales and Scotland and made this green and pleasant land our own until the Frogs came and ruined it in 1066, lol. And you're right about Anglo-Saxon surnames, but a lot of place names can also be traced back to the Vikings, such as Dublin.

And since this thread is about football, England should beat USA pretty easily, but there's no way England will win the World Cup. I reckon Italy, though you can never count out the Krauts either.
I thought that Saxons were there along with the celts during the brief rule of Rome

...and as for the place names...Yeah, I live a stones throw from Yorvik....But I prefer to call it Eboracum (its the Roman Name...wasnt in use for very long LOL...and yet long enough for the Church of England to have shortened it to Ebor LMAO))

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