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They married into the occupied Saxon culture which existed under the Romans...hence the term Anglo-Saxon.

Angeln became Angle-Land became Eng-land (its probably due to the pronunciation of the letter A in celtic/saxon type its pronounced more AE, and later, E.)

Although I think of myself as an Angle (I'm from an area of the country that still holds the name East Anglia though not really as an official title as East Midlands...its the same area) There is only ONE generation between myself, and Scotland...a place where my Patriarchy was far from nothing. I am Scot Nobility, or very close to it. I carry the name, and Only My Father stands between myself, and the last of our Clan actually born in Scotland itself....Course the rest of me is Angle ...and I think it is more Angle then Saxon...because I think its the Saxon surnames that generally seem to depict what the family did or a trade or something...and none of the other Three contributing Trees directly leading to me, hold any clue they are all rather I think Angle rather then Saxon. its unusual to find anything Viking or Norman, and if you do, spelling gives it away (Now people dont say Norman anyway, they say French )

First name has Jewish or Roman roots depending on how you choose to spell it and which way you look at it. Middle name is a total misnomer, could have come from anywhere or anything
The Anglo-Saxons didn't exist under the Romans, the Anglo-Saxon arrival coincided with the Romans leaving. Then we pushed the snivelling Celts into Wales and Scotland and made this green and pleasant land our own until the Frogs came and ruined it in 1066, lol. And you're right about Anglo-Saxon surnames, but a lot of place names can also be traced back to the Vikings, such as Dublin.

And since this thread is about football, England should beat USA pretty easily, but there's no way England will win the World Cup. I reckon Italy, though you can never count out the Krauts either.
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