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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
Terrible situation indeed.

Happy to hear your Great Uncle is unharmed, Dave. Prayers to all those affected by this tragedy.
He is fine yes

He's quite special to me, because he shares so many of the traits my Beloved GrandFather had. He too is a Logician (my Mothers Paternal Side is made up of Natural Scientists and Mathematicians!) ...and he has the best and most dry sense of humour ever. He is of course most advanced in age now, and I havent seen him in yonks, but I did phone Mother the second I saw the name of the town on the news, because I knew he lived there...The Clipsham Family tree is quite vast , I think our particular lineage is almost completely dead now...but the recent ancestry was based in Norfolk, not to far from a Village called "Clipsham" which used to have a stately hall at one time. so the marriage of Clipsham and Duff actually connects two vast and very well favoured familes..

unfortunately, as far as our branch of the tree is concerned, both names are about to die out. such a shame...I think Bernard only has Daughters...and I am the only male in my house with the ability to procreate left (I'd have to bear several sons if I really wanted to ensure the family name...and hope they bear males also its just not going to happen )
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