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Originally Posted by Jonlion
damm you Americans and your stereotypes!

See do all of you believe that us English have bad teeth as well?!

Because my Girlfriend informs me that whenever someone finds out she is dating an Englishman, the first question they ask, "How are his teeth"!

I never knew you lot percieved us like that!

As for this British Teenagers are idiots, mainly because they lack work ethics now, they expect the world to serve them. Our schooling is appalling and the focus is on meeting certain standards and passing tests that show the school in a good light but at the detriment of a full education.

Also there is this culture of no losers, everyone wins, no one can be better than one another, and so the people who should be streamed as faster learners dont.

And i say that as someone who failed tests to go to a better school, i went to a school of mixed abilities and thrived their, i got better marks than the people who went to exclusive schools because i worked hard and in the end it wasnt because i was dumb, it just took me longer to grasp things! So i guess dumber but i got there in the end!

i am Canadian .. and we have that sterotype here too ...
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