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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I always wonder why they just don't kill themselves (first) if they're so miserably unhappy. But of course they get some insane kick out of knowing they're making others suffer before they take the coward's way out.

Well the first few shootings are explained, he had a grudge with his family, and other co workers, so he killed them...but then he seemed to drive aimlessly...he drove through a crowded town...ignored everyone...then shot the driver of a car...he went down a lane, ignored pedestrians...but shot a kid who was strimming a hedge...(My Sister kinda knows the guy who was shot strimming a hedge, coz he was friends of her friends, he used to play rugby in some minor league I think)

Apparently, Bernard and Muriel were in town that morning, but retired indoors 15 mins before the gunman went through their town....These people, a lot of them are what you would refer to as "Seniors" we call them Elderly, or Old Aged Pensioners...the area is in one of Englands national parks known as the Lake District, so its rural, and small close knit elderly communities...this will be a real shock to a lot of them, who probably felt they knew him well, I imagine some of advanced age might die of shock or fright in the coming month over this.

I feel so dreadful for them
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