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Soooooooooooooo precious and beautiful!

And she will ALWAYS be your baby!

I remember a special moment right after I had my oldest daughter. Jessie was only a week old I was staying at my parent's house so my mom could help me with her.

I was sleeping in my old room with Jessie in her little portable crib. It was late at night when my parents finally went to bed and I heard my them talking as they came up the stairs. My mom told my dad to go see if the baby was sleeping.

( my back was to the door, and honestly, I was so tired that I just stayed quiet. I didn't feel like starting a conversation and I also didn't want to risk waking Jessie up! )

So, quietly as he could, he came into my room, looked into the crib........
then came over and looked at me.........( my eyes were closed)

and whispered to my mom, "Yup! Both of the babies are sleeping!"
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