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Originally Posted by Jonlion
damm you Americans and your stereotypes!
Oh just drink your tea, and eat your crumpets.

Originally Posted by Jonlion
See do all of you believe that us English have bad teeth as well?!

Originally Posted by Jonlion
As for this British Teenagers are idiots, mainly because they lack work ethics now, they expect the world to serve them. Our schooling is appalling and the focus is on meeting certain standards and passing tests that show the school in a good light but at the detriment of a full education.
Honestly, it's really not any different here. Generation Y (kids born 1980 and after) expects the world to give them things for free. In fact, my cousin, who's in college right now, said his college professors actually tell students they should demand things from their future employers. Stupid things such as cell phones, laptop computers, PDA's, etc. and they should also expect to make $5000-$20,000 more per year than the normal pay rate. They feel entitled to these demands because college is more expensive and students are in school for 5 years now instead of 4. Well, the number of credits to graduate hasn't changed, students have just gotten lazier by taking less credits per semester.
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