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Originally Posted by Crisco
Music touches me really deep and I think it's one of the ways God chooses to speak loudest to me. Through some it's in the written word for me it's the verbal expression of faith that really gets me.
I'm glad I'm not the only one. I sing quite a bit which can be thought of as a form of both prayer and worship

Do you like Adrian Snell? He does a lot of good songs, with powerful lyrics, unfortunatley his best is not yet on Youtube, My Favourites are "no escape" a song about Judgement, and "Child of Darkness"..I cant find them on youtube....same with Caleb Starkey, although he is more what you might refer to as an Eco-Christian, his music is usually about the world/environment, whereas Adrian Snell is usually based on Liturgy of somekind

I give you some examples.

Although My point is doesnt have to be Christian...I mean with Christian Worship deliberatley designed to invoke Christ, you might EXPECT to hear him. I dont need the music to be Christian in Design...and often I still get mental images of something Christian
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