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You don't need to be a member of fight club to see the weigh ins. Just the Q&A before. Also on they'll have the times and places that fighters will be up to a couple of days before and of course get to the weigh ins a couple hours early at least and there will be a table full of them waiting to sign stuff
The first time I ever met Matt was about 3 years ago and they showed on the UFC website just the day before, if not even the day of, I don't remember, that he was going to be doing a radio interview at a Dave & Busters.It was so last minute I was about the only one that showed up so I kinda hung out with Matt as he waited for the interview and a little after. It helped that Nathan told him I was coming
So yes, do whatever you have time to do. it's a real fun, happy, exciting atmosphere

Here's the place to look on in the upper left side it'll say " schedule".
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