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Originally Posted by 3dlee
I know some of ya'll have been to see the UFC live. I will be making my first venture to see the UFC April 1st in Nashville. I was just wanting to know if I get there early if there would fighters just walking around in the crowd signing autographs or taking pictures. Not the fighters on the card because obviously they would be in the locker room. I've seen a lot of pics of people at events with fighters. Is it pretty easy to get these pictures if I were to approach them? Or are these fighters really hard to get near? Thanks for any help. IM STOKED! Any one else going to the fights in Nashville?
Go early and get in the arena as early as possible. You can usually see them walking around. if you're sitting up in the cheaper seats go get concessions on the main floor area and you will usually see some fighters in the halls. Most fighters are very approachable. Sometimes different sponsors will have fighters sitting at their tables in the concourse area.
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