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I thought he was recovering. Yeah still may have been stopped but i think a fighter on his level deserved the chance even if it meant eating another punch.

And cmon we know in many many fights, and especially refs like Big John have let fighters with a more time to get back in.

How can you call Koscheck an arsehole for having the hump. Even if the stoppage is right, in his mind it isnt, so his got KO'd, the fight is lost, he has to work now another 18 months to get back into contention again. I would be hugely frustrated.

On top of that, we ALL know on here how journalists twist things, yeah he is being all polite and meekly asking but the'll twist and scandalise your words as soon as they can. So i dont blame Josh for controlling himself from saying something stupid in the heat of the moment. it was smart
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