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This study was probably done from earmarks in a totally unrelated bill. Just another big reason why we need new people in DC. Like RNC says, it was unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer dollars.


I hope you get some good results from the new diet, cubsfan, and don't have to take insulin. Good luck to you!
Thanks to all of you. It's hard to change long held habits. So far my glucose has stabilized around 100. My weight is slowly starting to drop. Which is fine, since it took a long time to get it up to where it was.
I already find exercise easier, and have added strength training to the cardio. I plan to start Tai Chi too.

I had an uncle who was able to avoid insulin by changing his diet. He lived to be 94.

As far as fast food, well the grilled chicken at KFC seems to be a good choice.
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