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Originally Posted by Josh
I totally disagree. What makes you say that? Because it has a monkey in it? I understand that a monkey is used as a racial slur but it is also used to say that someone is not very bright ( "they could train a monkey to do this job"). Since Obama did not write the bill and the bill is generally viewed as a bad thing in our country it is obvious to me that the implication was a monkey could have written it. As far as Spike Lee goes I don't really care what he does. I am more concerned that there is a significant uproar over something like this.
The "they could train a monkey to do this job" interpretation is yours, but it's obviously not an interpretation that's shared by others.

It's my opinion, that regardless of the intent of the artist, whether your interpretation was the intent of the comic, the artist should have had some foresight, and thought how this was going to be interpretated.

Just my two lincolns.

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