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Default does anyone else hear Christ in music

perhaps I just have a vivid imagination, but regularly I come across a piece of music that kinda makes me day dream. That is that in my mind somehow I construct something around what I'm hearing. For example, the above case. Its the first movement of Stravinski "The Rite of Spring" I have no idea what its really about at all...but I tell you what I hear in it.

I hear creation, the story of Genesis. Like the piece begins with a small motif thats repeated throughout the performance on the basson. kinda like a Call. GOD, says the Scriptures, Spoke Creation into being. The momentum picks up with more and more insturments playing variations on the Motif...I have imagies in my head of plants popping up out of the ground, like some kinda speeded up camara that captures things that go to slowly for the Human eye to perceive and then speeds it up...I see everything getting louder and louder, larger and larger right up until the creation of Man.

Does anyone ever hear or see these sorts of things when listening to music? Coz this isnt the only piece
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