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Originally Posted by Jason 16
I say nate would take maia because if you look at the ed herman fight, most people count him as a b level fighter with good bjj and he was able to give him problems and get some good gnp in. so if you take a A level fighter with great bjj and and strikeing that went from a c- to an A-/A I just see him not being able to take nate down and if he does a little bit of gnp than stand up and own him on his feet. sonnon lost becuse he seemed content rolling with him
Ehh Sonnen did not lose because he seemed content rolling,
Sonnen got swept because he was pinned against the cage, then got put in a slick triangle.

They weren't rolling when the action started.
Also, Herman was only his second UFC fight, and he finished him before the end of the second.
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