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Default Fire up the WAR TRACTOR for UFC 117!!

Let's start getting fired up, people! Even those of us that can't make it all the way out to Cali can still do our part to help motivate The Greatest Welterweight World Champion of All Time!!!

(somebody post "Country Boy", I can't get to YouTube from work).

THIS is the face of our enemy:
These are his words:

"I asked for [Matt Hughes] immediately after the Renzo [Gracie] fight [at UFC 112]. It's been in the works, and for my part, I signed the bout agreement and I'm looking forward to it. It's definitely a good angle. It's a good way of promoting the fight. For me, I'm just a competitive guy. Actually, Matt Hughes beat me like ten years ago in a grappling match. Am I going to be motivated because he beat Renzo? Absolutely. I was there in the corner, you know, I want that win. For me and for the team. But other than that, it's just competition."
Having already lost the GoAT once, he now wants to subject himself to the pain once more. Having seen his two teammates and mentors decimated by the GoAT, he wants to fall along side them. Having only just arrived in the GoAT's division, he wants to weigh himself against the Gold Standard but will find himself lacking.

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