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Originally Posted by Llamafighter
What a great gift, Dave! I wasn't me.
I fits...and I'm wearing it...I just have absolutely NO idea where it came from or who sent it to me.

I've made a few assumptions. I have assumed its from the US...who in England would send me something like that?? The only people possible would never send it without a note because they are all large Businesses.

If it came from my online publisher it would surely be something of his own brand. Again, if it came from Cage Gladiators, it would NEVER have come without a note or text or email...and it would surely have been there own brand.

That leaves Fighters Only Magazine...but why would they send me a hat out of the blue for no reason, with no note...and again...why not their own brand.

There surely isnt anyone else in the UK who would send me something like that. A few Patrons on here...but without a note?? I'd be suprised...soooo I made an assumption it must have come from the U.S and been repackaged...but...

Ultimately I just dont know. I am very thankful...but...I really would like to know who sent it, so I can say thankyou personally.
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