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I have both a "lipid" problem and a "sugar' (Type II diabetes problem). Part of this is due to my age (62) and part due to genetics. But both of these factors are made worse by diet.

At first all I ever heard was the "low fat" mantra. So I followed that approach. Didn't help much.

What this study points out is that the type and amount of salt and sugars are perhaps as important as fat intake, Processed meats contain both salt, nitrates, and sugars in differing amounts.

Most of the popular diet plans advise avoiding processed meats (this includes Atkins). So there is something to this.

A few weeks ago I made some major dietary changes; I have eliminated processed meats as part of this. I'll have my tests redone in September. This will be interesting.

hope the change works out for you ... i am sure it will .. keep us updated ...
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