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Question Who sent me the Tapout Hat?

Dear Patrons of Matt-Hughes Forum

Today I had delivered to me a Tapout Hat. It was sent to the address I released for Christmas (actually my parents house) as you may be aware, the Postal Strike hit just prior to Christmas, and many things dissapeared.

The reason I cant trace the caps origins is because it has evidently been repackaged and forwarded by Royal Mail to me. The original Packaging with the stamps, postal mark, and customs lables, plus any note that may have been included in the delivery prior to repackaging have not been passed on.

Hence...I actually have no idea who has sent me this cap. I assume it is from the United States because its Tapout brand. It could have course been sent from England, but then it must have been sent by a company because of the mark on it. I assumed it had been repackaged...but I dont know...its either from the UK or more probably repackaged by someone IN the UK that knows you can for example shorten the address to N.Yorks, and D.Duff, which you could obtain from the original packaging if you were British.

If the sender would like to make themselves known so I may thank them in person I would appreciate it.

Amor Et Fides

Tyburn AKA Dave
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