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Originally Posted by Chuck
Hey!!!!! Watch the language sister!!!!
O hush

I'll be honest with you guys, I don't remember writing a lot of that, but I'm so happy it was coherant! I left out a ton of memories, kinda feel like it was a dream, maybe a really nice dream....

Then I turned on my camera and it ALL happened! Granted I don't have boomer's ablility to tell stories and all (still waiting on one btw), but this will do.

How could I forget Marc Fiore???? I wasn't wearing my glasses, and Dave, Ryan and Ben were just walking and I froze, saying "omg it's Marc Fiore!!" We high fived, Dave and him shook hands, and he did look surprised to be recognized. It just shows that these guys are just regular people like you and I (except they are and train champion MMA fighters...), but anyway, the humility was pretty catching if you ask me.

After the fights, we were exiting and talking about MH and how awesome the experience was, and this lady shouts at me "I shook his hand! I SHOOK his hand!!!"


And I didn't eat or drink for 12 hours before the fight. Promise, I didn't have a drop of alcohol in me. Maybe the memories are coming back slowly b/c it was really surreal, just everything was going on at the same time, the lateness and my lack of any planning (which is the usual these days), and being tired.

4 hours of sleep on Friday and 3 last night--but I did make it to church this am

I'm 5 pages into the 25 I need to write for my theory class, but thanks for reading this if you did.

This forum really is the best. I've made some great friends on here and it just goes to show the power of friendship and the characteristics that Matt retains in his life and shows as an example to the rest of us.
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