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I couldn't agree more. The card was very well run. With the exception of the intermission.. but that is more a me thing than a problem with the production.

Invading the VIP room was cool. Was walking up to Amy and Jeff and I turned to the left just a bit.. and there Matt was. I was in awe a bit. Was really cool, and he was much "bigger" in person, really broad chest and such. I mean we have all seen Matt on TV multiple times, street clothes, formal pictures, goofing off. But the TV doesn't really give you the complete impression.

My watching him for a few minutes with fans, "real fans" and others.. was super cool. Nothing other than what I expected really. Was talking, snapping pics, shaking hands..

When I called down to him, no I seriously don't think he recognized me from any forum picture, but it was an immediate smile.

I spoke to Robbie for just a quick second, telling him good luck, and he offered his hand. Very cool..

(Is it me.. or does he not look "ruthless" when he has hair?

Running into Marc at the concession was cool. I just said "Hey Marc, good luck on the fights tonight." And he seemed surprised that he was recognized.

More to come later.
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