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Default muscle endurance

Been lookin at ways to improve muscle endurance(especially legs/chest) to improve bjj class/kickboxing...
*do alot of squats in between rounds and my legs just dont have the endurance..
*my chest muscles get stupidly tired quick during BJJ class....
I've been gettin tired of the usual lifting weights or the normal lifting..I've been trying to add different types of routines,but can't seem to find websites that are clear about various routines..
*core routines
*full body
I only workout 2-3x a week,I've been tryin in past couple of weeks to finish the workout with(wall squats or lunges and pushups or planks to burn those weak muscles)..
*started today of doing circuit training for the muscles Im working out...example today back-abs-sho continuously until I finished...then did some knee lifts,hip flexability drills(for bjj),and some push-ups....
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