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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Getting into Hailey's 3rd day outside the womb. She's awesome. We already heard a distinct "MAMA" in the middle of a screaming fit. That's right. My newborn is a genius and can already talk. The breastfeeding can be challenging and sometimes she cries just for the heck of it. Swaddling, turning her on her side, swaying/jiggling and all that helps sometimes, but not every time. Hearing her cry is OK with me. At least I know she's breathing and strong.

The breastfeeding gets easier. Shoot by 3 months of age if Kelli gets her boob anywhere near Hailey's mouth and she's hungry, Hailey will latch herself on and get her own groceries. And Mike, if you're not careful she may try to latch onto you too!

My son was a crier. A baby swing saved us all. He loved that swing.

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