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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Thanks to Chuck and Amy for helping with the updates. When we went back to the hospital Friday at 2am, we went in a hurry so I didn't take my laptop. Here's what happened:

On Thursday around 10am they sent us home since nothing was progressing. However, Kelli's contractions didn't really stop even though she was off the picotin. Throughout the day, they became stronger and more painful (I updated part of that before we rushed out). Around 2am, she got her midwife on the phone and was told to get back to the hospital. Her contractions were 2 minutes apart and very strong.

Once at the hospital, they checked and she was only 3cm dilated. However, Hailey was all the way down (at zero for you nurses) and her thinning was 100%. They gave Kelli some morphine for the pain and it was just more waiting.

Kelli was checked from time to time but never progressed past 3cm. Around 8am the midwife (Karen) came in. Still only 3cm. Around 10am Kelli was in a lot of pain so they allowed her one more dose of morphine to ease the pain. More waiting.

Around 2pm, I was nodding off in a chair and Kelli's mom was sitting in the room with us. Kelli was sitting in a rocking chair. Two nurses rushed into the room and said the baby's heartbeat was low. They put her on the bed and started adjusting her position. Then Karen came in and tried to physically adjust the position of the baby. The heartbeat came back, but only for a couple seconds. They called someone about prepping for emergency C-section.

It seemed like people came out of the walls. Suddenly people were sprinting down the hall towards the operating room. They asked Kelli if she could walk. She said "yes" and they had her hop up and she practically jogged in rather than wait for a wheelchair. Her mom and I weren't allowed to go in because we weren't prepped. It was horrifying. I was so afraid that my little girl wouldn't make it. I just stood there praying and on the verge of tears.

What seemed like two minutes later, a nurse came out and told us the baby was fine and she was crying. Turns out it was actually closer to 9 minutes total, 5 once they had Kelli on the table. When they opened to doorway to the operating room I could hear little Hailey crying. It was the sweetest sound I've ever heard.

Hailey Jean Everland was born at 2:03pm on May 14th. She weighed 8 lbs and 6ozs and was 20" long. She's perfect. It turns out her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck twice and that's why her heart stopped. Both Kelli and Hailey are doing fine now.

I'm a very blessed and happy man. Big thanks to the nurses, Karen Shields and Dr. O'Flynn who did the C-section.
And that's why no one should EVER have a baby at home on purpose. Even with a healthy normal pregnancy you never know what might happen and you have mere minutes to save the life of the baby and sometimes the mom. Ok, off my soapbox....

I'm glad everything turned out so well. She's gorgeous, Mike. You and Kelli did good.

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