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Originally Posted by billwilliams70
You're absolutely correct. President Obama did not write the stimulus bill, but it's his reputation that's directly linked to it. When concerns over it's validity arise, he's the one that's brought to the limelight by the media. Not the actual writer(s) of the bill.

Yes, President Bush was called Hitler, and that's really uncalled for. When the insults were hurled about President Bush, not too many people made a public response to it........with all that said, the cartoon is NOT DIRECTED AT THE ACTUAL WRITER(S) OF THE STIMULUS BILL! The cartoon, in it's stereotypical interpretation, is pointed at President Obama. There's no denying that, is there?

I, personally, don't think that the cartoon was done in good taste. If Spike Lee wants to call for a "celebrity imposed" ban on The New York Post, it's his right to do so, the same as it's your right to say that 'this country is done'.

I totally disagree. What makes you say that? Because it has a monkey in it? I understand that a monkey is used as a racial slur but it is also used to say that someone is not very bright ( "they could train a monkey to do this job"). Since Obama did not write the bill and the bill is generally viewed as a bad thing in our country it is obvious to me that the implication was a monkey could have written it. As far as Spike Lee goes I don't really care what he does. I am more concerned that there is a significant uproar over something like this.
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