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I wouldn't keep using peroxide, it can hurt new cells and delay healing. It might not be a bad idea to take a break for 2 days or so and let your body heal and your wound close up a little before going back. I've never seen a tape job on a toe that stays on during an entire practice. I know I wouldn't want to deal with a partner who wipes his open wound on me when we grapple.

I recommend going to the pharmacy or even Walmart if it's closer and buying a bottle of hibiclens. When you do go train again, make sure you wash the blister with that afterwards until it's healed. You can just squirt a little hibiclens on your blister while you are in the shower and use your fingers to wash the area. Don't scrub too hard, just keep it clean. Then during the day, keep it dry with a good bandage job.

If it isn't healing properly, gets red all around it, develops red streaks going towards your foot, you develop fever, the pus starts to smell really foul, etc then you need to seek medical attention.

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