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So I've been training BJJ & MT for the past week & a half now. I've got no problem with the soreness & stuff (I mean, I'm sore, I just don't mind it), but I'm paranoid as aw-get-out about Staph. I come straight home after practice & immediately take a shower, scrubbing myself all over, leaving no inch unwashed.

Here's problem: I developed a blister on the underside joint of my right big toe. I didn't even realize I had a blister until I was taping up my other toe (didn't want a busted nail catching on a gi & ripping), and by then it was already opened. I scrubbed it a lot last night in the shower (stung like a witch! ), but after spending all day in a sweaty shoe at work today, when I got home, it was leaking a very watery discharge with what looked like some pus in it.

Here's my question: should I train again tomorrow? I really want to, but since I've got an "open wound", I also don't wanna risk getting anywhere near staph. Could any of the long time nurses/gym rats around here offer me some advice? I don't wanna miss out on training!
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