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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
Iraq might have been better off under Saddam's regime, but the countries around them are probably better off now ...

Define what you mean by better off

Certain sections of the population were VERY well off under Saddam, Certain sections of the population lived in fear of Genocide on a mass scale. Depends which side of that divide you lived on doesnt it.

Whilst Saddam Rulled public amenities were offered to the majority of the population. Proper Housing, and Safe Drinking water. These things in certain areas were distoryed for a while during the Invasion....and are not as good as they were. So it depends on where exactly you live in Iraq doesnt it.

If he's a journalist he aint looking at it from an Iraqi point of view, because he is too knowledgable on HOW the war happened. If he wants to accuse George Bush of doing wrong, he has knowledge about the violation of International Law...normal Iraqi people wouldnt know, and probably wouldnt care, Normal Americans know and still dont care.

Europeans might have an issue....The French went Nuclear about it at the time So the point is, this Journalist cant be thought to represent the majority of native Iraqis, therefore, whatever he thinks is mute as to be taken for a reflection of his society.

But it was bloody rude of him to throw a shoe at the President, he should probably stand trial and be executed for insolence...and lets hope those protecting Obama are slightly more on the ball
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