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I never watched anything by Al Gore....but I know a little about Global Warming.

its a Natural Cycle the planet goes through. We speed it up slightly, but it wont distroy the, it wont lead to rising tempritures in the way suggested.

Global Warming, leads to Ice Ages ultimately...thats how the planet cools itself down again. Its perfectly natural. Just speeded up. The issue with the heating process is it will change the way the Earth Looks. It WILL free up the land under the poles (they havent always been covered in snow) it will also flood low ground, it will also make some places that are warm, cold, and some places that are cold, warm

other then that...its no big deal. You dont need a weather man to tell you that. HOWEVER...we Humans should be pushing for Green Alternatives because GOD told us to look after the World. We wont kill the planet...but we do hurt it...and it doesnt belong to us. It belongs to Him.

One day He'll come back, and he might be a little annoyed that metaphysically speaking, we've spilt our wine over his fabulous coach.

Ye have been warned

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