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Thumbs up The Kimbo Nice tale featuring Matt Hughes and Robbie Lawler

So I was going to tack onto a Ram's Tale, but I'm not a Ram, I'm a Cavalier....anyway.....

I started off today getting up to go to a benefit that the new MMA gym in Charlottesville did to support the Family and Social Services. We had a BUNCH of kids come and learn about lessons from the firemen, police, and soldiers in our area. Plus some of the fighters did some demos on the mat for the kids--I'll try to get pictures up here soon of that.

Just to say, it went REALLY well and I think the social services really benefited from the exposure in the Central VA area. Plus that kids were super cute and I had an awesome time figuring out how to print stuff and set up the network

I got home at 2, and was pretty tired, but logged on here and has 3 pm's asking if I was going to go up to DC to see the UWC fights. I was not going to go since I've got 21 pages to write for my class, homework for my weeklong class that's due in two weeks, and a boatload of other stuff. Since sleep is for losers, I decided to just chuck the stuff in the car and was out the door by 210.

So I drove up to my parent's house, said hi to the dog, left, and called up Ben (VCURamfan). Since I suck at getting directions, I had to call the poor chap about 6 times to get to the Panera, (no joke). Within a few minutes, Dave (Spirit walker) and his buddy Ryan were there with us.

We got to the Patriot center, and i was about to go home, defeated about not meeting Matt. But we meet up with TexasRN and Jeff Crow, and I decided to buy a ticket anyway. Took some pictures, and into the fights we went. (Ben did go on a field trip and got matt's fighter lanyard, which was super awesome!)

This was BY FAR the best 35 dollars I've spent so far on a show. It was extremely professional, well done, and not cheesy at all. All the fights were amazing, and Dave, the owner of my gym and one of my instructors and good friends, asked to fill him in. So I txted him about stuff the entire show. Also figured out how to record video on my piece of crap camera. I got some really good vids of the fights.

Even though the HIT Squad guys lost, they put up amazing fights. Whisper was taken down by a textbook knee from his opponent and Justin fought great his whole fight, not tapping until the end of the third round with about 70 seconds left on the clock. Felice lost by a split decision, which was complete doggy doo, but whatever she fought awesome. I want a Catfightmma tshirt now

The really great thing was seeing the utmost respect of all the fighters for each other. There wasn't really any crap shown between them.

While i didn't actually get to talk to Matt himself, just seeing him in action as the awes. coach that he is was enough for now. I can't wait to see him fight Serra in Vegas.

So moral of the story, if you had to chose between 21 pages of writing or seeing some fights featuring your favorite fighter,

chose the fights and your friends. Sleep is so overated and memories are so much more important than grades

ADD ON: The best news of the night was Kyle, a guy from the VA MMAI Harrisonburg branch won his fight by TKO. Pretty awesome and Rick, the owner was really excited about that. So the MMAI's of VA are right on track this year, two wins last weekend and a win this weekend

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