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Originally Posted by ufcfan2
Blah, thought the Diego/Joe fight was a tad on the boring side but wont complain. Joe has just gotta do something besides box he did absolutely nothing else.
I thought Nate fight was pretty darn good as well and like to see him fight Okami and for next shot at title(im assuming hendo/bisping winner will get next?)
Ya, i was a little shocked at the Kos fight, Thiago just did'nt look really good in his standup,but badda bing badda bam KO.
Not a bad UFC card can't complain too much as it was free.
*on side note,maybe it was just me,but I felt I was watching all commercials with a few fights thrown inbetween...
thats how i felt as well, I like not having to pay for it, but I don't do that with the other ufc's either , so all the commercials(which I hate) were pretty irritating, it was a good night of fights though, so I can't complain, too mcuh
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