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Originally Posted by Mac
Its bad , and its gonna get worse , a wholeeeeee lot worse. The guy i refer to as " The Slap Bracelt " of presidents got elected and he is going to be the downfall of this great nation , Mark my words fellas, Minute men are not far off.

I call him a slap bracelt because thats all he is , a short lived fad , and pretty soon , everyone that voted for him is going to realize just how dumb and tacky it really is , just like slap bracelets of the early 90's
you may be right, but you have to admit that hussein was left with a tough situation ... an economy that has been better ..... what is he supposed to do???? if he were to sit around and do nothing, people would say, he is doing nothing to help the struggling economy ... now he is trying to implement a program that GWB was trying to implement, but at a higher scale and people are saying he is doomed for failure .... what can you expect from him
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