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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
have you ever owned one of those cars??? they look nice and drive nice, but suck gas and break down like nothing else .... give anyone who drives those cars a g35, maxima, TT or 350Z and they won't go back .. the cars you mentioned were made with pride back in the day, but today, they are worthless ... they are trying to make money of the historic names of those vehicles ...

hey, nothing will make me more happy than to drive a domestic that is worth is pops had an impala that had more than a million miles ... it was made in the 70's and was better than anything ... but they are skimping on quality now and that doesn't fly
Ohhhhh horse****. Give me a light bit of automotive background yo u may have and ill still call hor****. Let me guess , youve got the High out put decal kit from autozone on your camry and you have the trilogy series of the fast and the furious.
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