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Originally Posted by Preach
I understand that but what I am saying is that every political figure has a group that backs them. You see where I am going? And they will scratch their fellow Political coworkers only if they will scratch theirs. It's yeah I will help you get your bill passed but you have to help me with mine. It is a visious cycle but that is American Government. This is out of control
i get what you are saying, and with the way you say it, Ben...I sort of agree with what you are saying....that is why I believe, that we should get rid of lobbyists because it just keeps this back and forth political process going...But at some point, we as a country have to realize, that this bailout didn't work, so in order to conserve our economy, we should now bailout this other industry, survival of the fittest should play a part in this process IMO, if the industry has poor practices and doesn't survive, it is their problem, let another BETTER practicing industry take their place
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