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Originally Posted by Preach
Thats why I dont like you that kind of comment about American products is absurd.
I disagree with bailouts totally. But if you give a bailout to the banks why not auto industry. See what I am getting at is this should have never started but since it has where does it stop. Now they want One National Bank comeon the last thing we need is more government. But regretfully thats the opposite of Democrat platforms that stress Bigger Government. And to top it off we have a President who is a Socialise
hey, just because i think american cars are inferior, doesnt' mean i think all american products are inferior .. plain and simple , american cars are shyte and not worth the metal they are made of .... people who peddle american autos are peddling crap and need to find a new occupation .... cuz i can just as simply gather the crap from the sewers and try and get the govt to bail me out for selling shtye ....

i feel bad for all the people that may lose jobs .. but there have been many indicators to the big three showing that their product is crap, they should have realised it, they didn't and now they should just be allowed to shrivel up and die like the rest of the companies that haven't been able to adapt to the level of products on the markets
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