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Originally Posted by Llamafighter View Post
definitely! one of my muay thai sparring partners just joined my boxing class and I got cracked a couple times pretty good only to find out that i was hanging my jab after I threw it. he is a lot more experienced than me and I love sparrign him because he'll actually take the time to let me know what I'm giving him.
Glad you're back in action, Ben!
Dude, I know exactly what you mean. There's this guy that I met for the first time during Monday's Gi class named Bjorn (Asian guy, maybe 25-26, 5'7", 160ish). He came to the MT class last night, which was just me, him our BJJ instructor (Andrew) & the MT instructor (Jarrett). We worked combos (jab-left elbow-spinning right elbow-right kick; jab-overhand right-right up elbow) with one guy holding the thai pads & the other two taking turns (i.e. Andrew held, Bjorn & I traded turns striking), then we rotated who held. Between MT & No-Gi, I asked Bjorn what I could have done to work the pads better. Since I'm about a foot taller than him, it was a little bit awkward when I held for him. He gave me some good tips, but the coolest part was that once BJJ class started, he knew I was willing to learn & take correction, so he paired up with me & really helped me out with all the little stuff that a newb like me typically misses.

I love it when I get to learn new stuff!!
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