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Originally Posted by Llamafighter View Post
Great article. The last couple weeks I've been really busy with a couple plays I'm in. The time committment has made it impossible for me to get to my thursday, Saturday, and Sunday session for Muay Thai. I have, however been able to make it to Boxing/Sparring on Monday nights. Even though I'm missing some important technique classes I have foudn that through the sparring I'm improving a great deal each week.
I'm a big supporter of this learning and I also agree that sparring (correctly) is the best way to get better.
I'm very careful that if I make mistakes and get beat to stop and go over what I did wrong and also to ask my partners what they're seeing and vice versa.
That's one thing that I love about the gym I've joined: everyone I've ever rolled with there is more than happy to help out & answer any questions I have about when I get caught. I also try to make sure that I roll with Andrew (our instructor) at least once per class so that I can just get completely tooled & reminded just how hard I need to work!
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