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Originally Posted by Chuck
You do have a little brother don't you??

And a dog.....

I feel for ya bro but LCD screens don't normally break themselves.

Call CSI bro!!!
I'm going with the little brother (but, I'm not ruling out Mom and Dad either). Here's the scenario: Ben's in a dead sleep from staying up all night working on his paper so he never hears the door open...wait Ben and his little brother share a room...okay, little brother definitely #1 suspect. He takes the camera and is messing around and drops it, cracking the LCD screen. He's panicked but then realizes no one saw anything but the dog (he quickly reaches for doggie treat and bribes dog). He tiptoes back into the bedroom and puts the now-broken camera back where Ben had it while Ben snoozes on in "meeting Matt" dreamland. Yeah, the little brother did it!
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