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Round 3 starts explosively with the two staying in close proximity and only working punches. Both still have crisp strikes and single shots from either fighter are being met with big shots from the opponent. Both men begin showboating. Stevenson slips and they high five to show it was an accident;.. A big middle kick from Sanchez lands on Stevenson, spraying sweat off him. Sanchez shots, but the crowd boo. They want this to stay standing. Boos turn to cheers as they take the centre of the octagon.Stevenson begins egging on Sanchez in the last 2 minutes of the fight. He begins controlling the pace, pushing Sanchez on to the fence.Sanchex goes for a single leg and the two are tied up on the fence with Stevenson kneeing his opponent to the body. The crowd erupt in the final seconds. A flying knee from Sanchez and the two sand and trade. As the round ends, Stevenson clearly thinks he has won the fight as he runs around the cage. Diego Sanchez takes the win by unanimous decision to boos from the audience.

Diego Sanchez def. Joe Stevenson Unanimous Dec. at 5.00, R3

I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.
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