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Black Mamba
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R2 - They begin the second round, again, happy to keep it standing. A knee causes Stevenson to shoot, but Sanchez capitalises. Stevenson shows his strength by picking up Sanchez over his shoulder. Sanchez uses his low kick again. They clinch on the fence and Stevenson takes a standing guillotine. A scramble on the ground leaves Sanchez trying to secure the arm for a keylock. As they separate, the crowd cheers. Both men are still looking strong but it is clear the amount of energy they have expended. Sanchez bgins to pick off Stevenson with single punches and as Stevenson aggressively fights back he also gets caught. Stevenson throws a big uppercut that connects and the two trade punching combinations, but to the delight of the audience. A nice high left kick from Sanchez finishes the round.
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