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Black Mamba
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Diego Sanchez vs. Joe Stevenson

R1 - Sanchez is looking fired up, compared to a very calm Stevenson. The crowd are cheering despite neither being a home fighter. They circle. Sanchez attempting the first combination which misses. He shoots for a single, unsuccessfully. Stevenson fires a combination of punches on the cage. Sanchez mixes punches to the head and body but still on his back foot. A knee from Sanchez connects. Both seem happy to keep this fight standing. Stevenson wlkis into some punches and a second combination has him shooting unsuccessfully. They return to the centre of the opctagon. A heavy jab from Stevenson connects but not cleanly. Sanchez attempts another knee which is blocked, before walking onto Stevenson's jab. Again the exchange combinations of punches in the centre of the cage, before Sanchez attempts a final kick. The round is over and the two touch gloves in respect.
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