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Yeah I'm watching right now (I'm in Colombia) at and it is one of the best cards I have seen in a while!

In my youtube predictions (I get bored here, I don't speak Spanish! Dont judge!) I used my nostradamus like intuition to predict that this card would be the polar opposite of 94 (which had the record number of decisions and lenght of fights) and boy howdy was I right! As of 4:50pm EST all but 1 fight has ended by Sub, KO or TKO and there is only one fight left, which is Diego Stevenson!

This card rocks! So much better than 94. Take that all you haters claiming this card was lame!

I guess the fighters listened to Dana during his little pep talk in his vlog.

Sucks for who ever has to pick the fight/knockout of the night.
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