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Default UFC 95 *SPOILERS*


You've been warned.

Quick Results

UFC 95 Main Card Bouts:
-Diego Sanchez vs. Joe Stevenson
-Dan Hardy vs. Rory Markham
-Nathan Marquardt def. Wilson Gouveia by TKO, 3:10 R3
-Demian Maia def. Chael Sonnen by Submission (Triangle Choke) 2.37 R1
-Paulo Thiago def. Josh Koscheck by KO, 3.29 R1

UFC 95 Preliminary Bouts:
-Terry Etim def. Brian Cobb by TKO, 0.10 R2
-Junior dos Santos def. Stefan Struve by TKO, 0.54 R1
-Evan Dunham def. Per Eklund by KO, 2.14 R1
-Mike Ciesnolevicz def. Neil Grove by Submission (Heel Hook) 1.03 R1
-Paul Kelly def. Troy Mandaloniz by Unanimous Dec. at 5.00, R3


Nathan Marquardt vs. Wilson Gouveia

R1 - Marquardt opens with an inside leg kick followed by an outside that misses. The two are hesitant to engage. Marquardt shoots some punches to the body before a high right kick that clips Gouveia. Gouveia begins to throw low kicks of his own. Marquardt throws a left high and a right low. Neither is committing to combinations, both still only firing out single shots. Marquardt barely misses a superman punch. Gouveia hits a cross-jab combination as Marquardt backs off. A right high connects with Gouveia's shoulder but he fires back, chasing Marquardt on the fence. He begins controlling the pace, late into the round and the two exchange short flurries of punches. Finally Marquardt shoots for a single and scores a take down. But Gouveia has a strong guillotine on. Marquardt escapes to cheers from the crowd. Marquardt escapes the guard, rolling Gouveia on his head. He sends short knees to the side of Gouveia before the round is up.

R2 - Both men start round two with care. Each respecting the strength of the other and knowing that one small mistake could be a disaster. The two fight on the fence, exchanging short, but vicious punches, Gouveia's back to the fence. As Gouveia chases Marquardt to the other side of the cage, he overswings and misses a right. Marquardt capitalises and tries to take his back but winding up in Gouveia's guard where he throws short punches and shoulder butts. Gouveia tries to tie up Marquardt arms as his head is on the fence. Marquardt pulls him up to a standing guillotine before separating. Gouveia is beginning to look tired and Marquardt are beginning to connect more readily. A knee connects, followed by another flurry of short punches and another knee on the fence.

R3 - Marquardt begins throwing some light and sloppy kicks. Gouveia gets angry and begins forcing the pace. Marquardt connects with some punches to the body. Another combination from Marquardt has him taking to the back of Gouveia where it is unclear if he is looking for a suplex or other takedown. Eventually Gouveia turns into him and he attempts a single leg, but it is clear that both men are tired. They separate and Gouveia tries to be more aggressive. A flying knee from Marquardt phases Gouveia and he takes the opportunity to follow it up with a series of high kicks, a spinning back fist that flies over Gouveia's head. Finally Gouveia drops to the ground, covering his head and the referee stops the fight.

Nathan Marquardt def. Wilson Gouveia by TKO, 3:10 R3

Chael Sonnen vs. Demian Maia

R1 - Maia opens with a strong cross that doesn't connect. He follows with a left kick that is caught and is promptly thrown to the ground. But Sonnen wants the fight standing. Maia dives in with a rugby tackle and tries to pull Sonnen into his guard. Sonnen is controlling the ground and manages to stand out the guard, eating a short upward punch in the process. Finally the two men stand up and Maia throws an overhand left to clinch with double underhooks. He belly to belly suplexes Sonnen and on the ground secures a triangle choke leaving no option for his opponent but to tap.

Demian Maia def. Chael Sonnen by Submission (Triangle Choke) 2.37 R1

Josh Koscheck vs. Paulo Thiago

R1 - Koscheck hesitantly touches Thiago's glove and the two circle the centre of the cage. Both throw heavy punches, neither connect. Thiago is the first to connect with a right low. Each one is calculating a big shot but neither committing. A massive overhand right from Koscheck connects and Thiago is lucky to not have been dropped. A strong one two from Koscheck also connects and he begins working the jab. Thiago must be feeling tentative given the shots he's eaten. The crowd boo at the lack of actual strikes. Koscheck works an overhand right - left high kick on the fence. With Koscheck looking to be in charge, a perfectly timed right uppercut - left hook combination knocks out Koscheck. Thiago drops his hands, confident of his victory and the referee steps in to stop the fight before any further damage is done. The crowd and Koscheck are not happy.

Paulo Thiago def. Josh Koscheck by KO, 3.29 R1

Brian Cobb vs. Terry Etim

Etim walks in to Phil Collin's In The Air Tonight and rapturous applause from the home crowd. Cobb has BJ Penn in his corner and is looking psyched as he paces up and down, whilst Etim looks relaxed.

R1 - Etim opens with a high kick that misses and follows with two low inside kicks, the second of which is caught but soon let go. Cobb shoot at Etim on the cage but they separate and return to the centre of the rind. Another let kick from Etim is caught and Cobb takes the fight to the ground, folding Etim over before he finally wnds up in Etim's guard. Etim keeps him close attempting to get the fight standing, which promptly happends. Etim is working the low kicks. Every one that catches gets a cheer from the audience. Finally Cobb shoots for a take down and lands in Etim's guard where he works body shots on the Liverpool, lad. After boos from the audience, the ref stands it up again. Cobb is looking to get a takedown but Etim is careful to throw low punches and a knee to stop this.
MMA Weekly scores the round 10-9 Etim.

R2 - Etim opens the round with a heavy right low kick followed by a big left high kick that drops Cobb hard. He follows with a couple of punches that connect cleanly with Cobb's face, forcing the referee to stop the fight only 10 seconds into the second round, much to the delight of the British fans.

Terry Etim def. Brian Cobb by TKO, 0.10 R2

Junior dos Santos vs. Stefan Struve

R1 - Dos Santos appears focussed as they enter the Octagon, whilst Struve seems much more relaxed. After some careful circling, dos Santos lands an overhand right to a clinch, early on. They seperate and d os Santos lands an inside legkick, following up with a barrage of punches finishing with a heavy overhand right that drops Struve, causing the referee to jump in and stop the fight for a quick TKO victory.

Junior dos Santos def. Stefan Struve by TKO 0.54, R1

Evan Dunham vs. Per Eklund

R1 - The two touch gloves. Dunham, the southpaw, drops Eklund with a stiff punch and follows him onto the ground. Eklund pulls guard as the two stand up and he searches for an armbar. A low kick from Eklund is met with a hard right from Dunham. Every shot from Eklund seems to encourage a harder shot or combination from Dunham. Eklund gives a hard kick but Dunham responds with a heavy cross that drops Eklund hard, his head crashing face first to the mat. The referee looks to jump in to stop it but Eklund recovers and turns back just in time to be met with some vicious ground and pound securing the knockout.

Evan Dunham def. Per Eklund R1 by KO, 2.14 R1

Neil Grove vs. Mike Ciesnolevicz

R1 - The two men touch gloves. Ciesnolevicz goes for a take down and Grove ends up on top. Ciesnolevicz attempts a leg lock, moving to an inverted heel hook, finally causing Grove to tap to the disappointment of the British fans.

Mike Ciesnolevicz def. Neil Grove by Submission (Heel Hook) 1.03 R1

Paul Kelly vs. Troy Mandaloniz

R1 - The two start hard both fiercely striking each other. Kelly doesn't want to touch gloves. They clinch and dirty box. Kelly drops Mandaloniz with a cross and follows him to the ground they stand up clinching again and Kelly instigates a takedown from the clinch. Knees and short elbows are thrown as they travel across the cage. A lot of dirty boxing from the clinch ensues, Kelly looking more aggressive with his hands, but equally eating some knees. Kelly looks more hungry for the fight. The two exchange punches, taking it in turns and each looking hungry for the finish. Kelly goes to the ground in Mandaloniz's guard, throwing short shots. An elbow opens a cut above the left eye of Mandaloniz. It is bleening heavily down the side of the face of Mandaloniz. The round ends with Mandaloniz covered in blood.
MMA Weekly scores the round 10-9 Kelly.

R2 - The two start striking. The cut on Mandaloniz is big. Kelly quickly takes it to the ground looking to open the cut with short elbows. Kelly must be feeling strong at this point. Mandaloniz holds him close and the fight is stood up. Mandaloniz is still looking like he has fight in him. Kelly takes it to the ground again. Mandaloniz tries to take his back, but Kelly escapes, standing up in Mandaloniz's open guard, raining down punches. Mandaloniz attempts an armbar but Kelly escapes, ending up in Mandaloniz's guard again. Both men look tired. With 10 seconds to go, Kelly tries to get a final few punches in. MMA Weekly scores the round 10-9 Kelly.

R3 - Both men start the round with no intention to take it to the ground. Mandaloniz looks tired and he has a cut under his right eye. Kelly is taking his time much more than earlier rounds. He must feel that the fight is his and not looking to make a mistake. Mandaloniz still has a sting in his punches. He bloocks a short elbow from Kelly, before the fight again goes to the ground. Kelly escapes an armbar attempt to land in Mandaloniz's guard. The crowd begin to boo at the relative lack of activity on the ground. They are heavily backing the home fighter, Kelly. As the fighters stand up, Mandaloniz forces the pace, with Kelly striking on the retreat. At the fence, Mandaloniz goes for a takedown and Kelly winds up on top in his guard, before the round ends and the two men show their respect for each other. Kelly circles the cage with his hand raised, for the home crowd. MMA Weekly scores the round 10-9 Kelly

Paul Kelly def. Troy Mandaloniz by Unanimous Dec

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