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Originally Posted by kyle
I dont like the idea either but you can't just let them die.
Sure you can. Do you honestly think those plants would stay empty? Other more successful car companies like Toyota would jump at the chance to increase both production and market share in the U.S.

A lot of lost jobs there. I think the higher ups need to be looked into on exactly what the problem is and if its them they should be let go and see how to fix it. and the government can quit getting harder on them about emissions because they have to spend more money on finding newer ways to lower the emissions.......
It's not the government's job to provide employment or guarantee success in business. If the companies go under because of mismanagement, that's the fault of the company, not the government. It's bad for the employees, but they also bear some of the blame for allowing and encouraging the UAW to extort ridiculous wages and benefit packages from the car companies. When an unskilled labor position pays $50,000 a year, something's wrong.

On a side note can you imagine all the imported car driving around I know toyota has a car factory here and their doin good and all but did they have to ruin NASCAR
It's the classic American way. Build a better product at a reasonable price and you'll be successful. Build a marginally decent product at an inflatable price and the market will eat you alive. The idea that big companies should get help from the government just because they're big companies is ridiculous. There are options such as bankruptcy court that can allow them to reorganize and restructure so they can be more successful, and that's all they should get.
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