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Originally Posted by kyle
I dont like the idea either but you can't just let them die. A lot of lost jobs there. I think the higher ups need to be looked into on exactly what the problem is and if its them they should be let go and see how to fix it. and the government can quit getting harder on them about emissions because they have to spend more money on finding newer ways to lower the emissions.......

On a side note can you imagine all the imported car driving around I know toyota has a car factory here and their doin good and all but did they have to ruin NASCAR
I disagreed with all of the bailouts. The government needs to stay out of private industry. If GM, Chrysler and Ford have mismanaged their affairs so badly that they're companies are failing, then they need to be allowed to go into bankruptcy. And that doesn't necessarily mean the end of the company, it's just a forced restructuring.

Marvel Comics (the company who created Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, X-Men, etc.) declared bankruptcy back in the late 90s when the comic book market collapsed. That forced them to rethink how they do EVERYTHING and, as a result, comic books today are much better quality and Marvel is actually producing some of the most profitable movies in film history (Spider-Man 1-3, Iron Man, Hulk, X-Men 1-3, etc.).

So bankruptcy would not necessarily be the end of Ford, GM and Chrysler; but it would be the end of them in their current forms. However, you can bet that the cars that they would be producing post-bankruptcy would not be the gas guzzling wastes that we see today.
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