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The stimulus package is a giant bloated mess that even Obama has admitted might not work. Expanding government and giving away money encourages people to just sit back and wait for the government to take care of them rather than spurring them to work harder and spend smarter. Massive government spending will depress the economy rather than stimulate it, increasing costs for everyone for generations to come.

I also disagree with government bailing out the auto industry. Where does it end?

It's an ugly road that sees the government eventually taking over the banking industry, regulating salaries (not just for executives either, just wait for it).

Now that companies that accept bailout funds are going to have executive salaries regulated, how long before that precedent allows government to set salaries in other areas?

I'm a truck driver. The price of hauling and delivering freight affects consumer prices of almost all goods in this country. How long before the government decides that the cost of hauling freight is just too much and decides to regulate the amount that trucking companies can charge to deliver freight?

I've never been literally afraid of the direction a government was taking this country. I always thought we could survive four or eight years of almost any government, but now I'm not so sure. Obama is laying the groundwork to socialize our government and country, and putting that cat back in the bag once it's out is going to be nearly impossible. The role of government as envisioned by the founding fathers is long gone and if we don't reverse this trend, the eventual collapse of our country is inevitable.
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