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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
I think the money for the stimulus package is not a bad idea, but the money for the auto industry bailout is the big mistake ... they should let the american auto industry die if they can run their companies right ... at least the stimulus plan is for most people, the auto bailout are only for those in the business of selling inferior products
wow yeah they should let the car industries die. With all those lost jobs that would really help boost the economy then all their homes will go into foreclosure then we will get another stimulas to help these other people in foreclosure. big companies like GM brings in lots of jobs.

I believe in helping the people that need it I do agree with that. I dont think we need to help the people that bought away to expensive house and could never afford it in the first place. Oh yeah and that economic stimulus check we got last year.....that turned out not doing much for the economy so i think jobs need to be created before giving money to the people and if that means businesses saved than im for it. but most of the stuff in this stimulus is pork spending and probably wont do much so i really would be surprised if it actually help out our economy.
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