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Originally Posted by Preach
Why all the ? Dave
The day after I publically withdrew my support from Dan Henderson he requested me as a friend on Myspace...I wondered if he was gonna shout at me for what I said Its a small world...all sorts of contacts accidently go sour when you mention you dont like someone...I dont like Serra...but I didnt know one of the guys I spoke to was his buddy sooooooo when I said I didnt think much of Serra...the guy was a little bit miffed.

I cant remember who it was now...I want to say Pete Spratt...but it wasnt there some other fighter called Pete that trains with was someone. We dont talk no more...but at least he wasnt as rude as Cub Swanson.

Mr Swanson and I had a war of words...and then he deleted me (you know and left it so I couldnt have the last word...not that I'm bitter...a few days later Jens Pulver Smushed him
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