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Originally Posted by MattHughesRocks
I don't care what the other guy said. If your a professional fighter you shouldnt be hitting someone like that just because they told you to.

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Just so everyone is aware of the situation.

That video was shot on the SPECIAL OPERATIONS compound here at Bagram Airfield. With that said, not everyone on the compound is a SPECIAL OPERATIONS caliber Soldier, but they work with them on a daily basis. The ring that's there was not constructed for the visit, it's there permanently, because that's a level of training that the SPECIAL OPERATIONS Soldiers do on a daily basis. Carlos Condit is a professional fighter, and I would say that there's at least an 85% chance that the guy he KO'd in the video is a professional at what he does, he knew the risk, got KO'd, and didn't get seriously hurt.

He's in Afghanistan for cryin' out loud, goin' out on missions that nobody knows about (stuff that Carlos Condit would NEVER do, but I still give him mad props for comin' out here that close to a fight) and isn't reported on the news day in and day out.

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