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Originally Posted by DonnaMaria View Post
Tired..........can't sleep.

Total of 17 staff members were let go from my district so far. Yesterday our school budget was voted down, so now there will be more cuts. Friday night the Board will cut more positions and Monday we will find out who gets the ax.

Our preschool program might be eliminated...........

These kids really need the support and help and they are going to be getting less and less of it next year. They are cutting all the aides, the basic skills teachers, the guidance department, the early childhood programs. All the things that help struggling kids are going to be eliminated.

And that means that the kids who don't struggle will feel the loss of support too. It means that children who are normally given the extra help that they need will just fall farther and farther behind and eventually become behavior problems in the classroom because of their frustration. The teachers will spend more time correcting unwanted behavior and less time teaching.

Everyone suffers. It's really sad. Just really really sad..................

I don't understand why education is something we can take money away from. I have always believed that education and defense should always be funded well. Those are the 2 things that will save us in the future.

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